Why Advertise in Medical Illustration & Animation? BECAUSE IT WORKS!

“My new clients all tell me they found me through medillsb.com. They love the keyword specialty search, and how easy it is to find an artist whose style and knowledge suits their needs. I love how easy the Medical Illustration and Animation program has made marketing!”

Tiffany Slaybaugh DaVanzo / Slaybaugh Studios LLC

“The Medical Illustration & Animation program provides an excellent platform to reach a wider audience of art directors and art buyers. We just recently signed a new high-profile client who discovered our work on medillsb.com.”

Michael Grant / SciencePicture.Co

“Medical Illustration & Animation is my one and only form of mass marketing. The program allows me to focus on what I do best while insuring that my work finds its way to art buyers across the globe.”

James Archer / Anatomy Blue

“Our primary print and online marketing budget has been spent on the Medical Illustration & Animation program. Thanks to the online presence, we just signed a significant illustration contract with a new overseas client who found us via medillsb.com.”

Peg Gerrity / Chicago Medical Graphics
“The Medical Illustration & Animation program is paying off again this year. I recently had some pieces published in a surgical journal, thanks to the advertising and amazing help of the team at Serbin.”
Alan Gesek
“This has been my primary advertisement for eight years, bringing stability to my business with its consistent quality and market exposure”
Molly Thompson
“By expanding my visibility to additional markets, the Sourcebook and online portfolio round out my marketing efforts and give me national exposure. I’ve been delighted with the response.”
Delilah Cohn
“Working with the Medical Illustration Sourcebook has been wonderful from the start. The comprehensive program helps me promote continuously through my personal website, Sourcebook print ad and medillsb.com portfolio. Over the past year it’s brought forth a wide diversity of fun projects and client collaborations.”
Alan Gesek
“I have had an ad in the Sourcebook since the second edition. So for me, the track record speaks for itself, and for my business and the ever evolving marketplace, choosing not to run an ad in the MISB is not an option!

The value of having a portfolio in front of a wide audience of qualified buyers in the US and beyond, can not be over stated. The Sourcebook is not only a printed directory that is used by many of my clients, it is a broad based marketing tool that includes online marketing through medillsb.com. In addition to your printed ad in the Sourcebook, each subscriber can upload 50 images/animations per page as their online portfolio on medillsb.com.

When I ask contacts “how did you find me?”, the response is most often ‘through the online resources of the Sourcebook’.”

Jackie Heda, CMI, Medical & Scientific Illustration
“Over the years, the Sourcebook has proven to be my most valuable marketing tool. And most recently, I have found that the majority of my new clients are locating me through the medillsb.com website — It has been a very valuable addition to my self-promotion.”
Scott Leighton, Senior Medical & Scientific Illustrator, New England Journal of Medicine
“For 20 years, the Sourcebook, and now the medillsb.com, has been the most cost efficient way of getting my illustrations in front of the widest array of medical art buyers worldwide.”
Mary Bryson, M.A.M.S., Bryson Biomedical Illustrations, Inc.
“The Sourcebook has been a consistent means of advertising my work to a wide variety of clients over the years. I am always pleased to hear when someone sees my work through the online database and sees my portfolio. Even though most of my advertising is now digital, clients still ask for print samples. The Sourcebook and medillsb.com website are valuable resources for my clients, and for the dissemination of my work.”
Jennifer E. Fairman, CMI, FAMI
“The Medical Illustration Sourcebook has been my main source of advertising for ten years. It consistently provides a great return on investment. The addition of the digital portfolio has helped expand my reach to new clients. Every year I advertise in the Sourcebook, I’m reminded of how valuable it is to my marketing plan.”
Lisa Clark, MA, CMI
“The Medical Illustration Sourcebook is an industry must in order to stay relevant in the field. We know that art buyers from advertising agencies and pharmaceutical marketers use the Sourcebook and ultimately make the decisions on who to hire.”
Andrea Bielecki, Managing Partner, Invivo Communications, Inc.

“Many of my new clients are looking for a specific style and find me in the Medical Illustration & Animation sourcebook.”

Mike Austin / Internal Art Medical Illustration, LLC, Medical Illustrator
“I use [the Sourcebook] frequently when having any medical illustration needs. Usually the first resource that I reach for.”
Anne Thomas, VP, Assoc. Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness
“I can’t imagine a more powerful advertising tool than the Sourcebook. It has been and will continue to be one of the cornerstones of my marketing plan. My business has grown exponentially since I began advertising in the Sourcebook and each year brings a diverse set of new customers. Thanks for all that you do!”
David C. Killpack, Illumination Studios
“The MISB has been a great career move for me. Some of my coolest projects have one thing in common – they came from the Sourcebook. And the portfolio website is pure gold.”
Brian Harrold
“I have been told by numerous clients that this is the “go to” site for medical art, because they can find what they want quickly. I have been a Sourcebook contributor for many years and am pleased with the new pharmaceutical clients I have been able to reach. The online portfolio service has been a big bonus.”
Laurie O'Keefe, Medical/Biological Illustrations
“This program has been a most valuable marketing tool for me over the years. It gets my work out to many potential clients who would not have seen it otherwise. I’ve been hired for great projects that I never would have dreamed of.”
Wendy Beth Jackelow

“I took a chance on advertising with the Medical Illustration & Animation program after talking with Ellie Altomare from Serbin Creative. Her genuine warmth and extreme competence came through after a discussion, and I signed up. By following her advice I was able to very quickly pick up work from new clients that more than covered the investment, and have led to new relationships and on-going workflow.”

Maury Aaseng / Medical & Scientific Illustrator
“Marketing is the last thing I want to think about! That’s why I like having the Medical Illustration & Animation program in my corner. It pays for itself many times over with a wide range of work and repeat clients, from large ad agencies to smaller medical device companies.”
Bryan Christie / Bryan Christie Design
“In today’s market, art buyers tend to start online with keyword image searches. The indexed database of the medillsb.com website allows me to put a large range of work in front of a very wide audience, who can connect with me directly.”
Mica Duran
“The Medical Illustration & Animation program has been a great career move for me. Some of my coolest projects have one thing in common – they came from the sourcebook. And the portfolio website is pure gold.”
Brian Harrold
“I rely on the Medical Illustration Sourcebook because it is an established, reputable, and reliable marketing tool that works for me. It allows me to focus more on production and growing my business.”
Adam Questall, AKU Design
“I would not have the exceptional client base that I have now without the Sourcebook. It’s that simple.”
Michelle Graham MS, MFA, CMI
“This is my 7th straight year in the Sourcebook. The book and website have been invaluable to me, not just for finding new clients but reminding old clients of what I have to offer. There is no better way to let potential medical illustration buyers know that I exist, and the cost is a bargain considering a small job can more than pay for the program.”
Bob Lambiase
“I know for certain that the Sourcebook and web site have directed new clients to me, and those connections have more than paid for the cost of the advertising. These new clients are not ones I would have thought to contact on my own, and I know that they are familiar with my work and are looking for my style before they call me.”
Jane Whitney
“Since the second edition, the Alexander & Turner Medical Illustration Studio has chosen the Sourcebook as our priority for advertising. We have found that this is the simplest way to put our work in front of a wide audience of art buyers.”
Edmond Alexander, Alexander & Turner Inc. Medical Illustration Studio
“I’ve been advertising in the Medical Illustration Sourcebook since its inception. I consider it an indispensable component of my annual marketing plan. Over the years, the Sourcebook has brought my work broad exposure to a wide variety of clients and this has led to countless interesting assignments. A significant percentage of my work can be directly linked to my pages in the Sourcebook. In recent years, I’m very often told by potential clients that they first discovered my work on medillsb.com and then followed the link to my web site. This is a valuable addition to any studio’s marketing strategy and is one I will continue to use for the foreseeable future.”
Audra Geras, Geras Healthcare Productions
“The Medical Illustration Sourcebook goes to medical art buyers who do more than click the “like” button. They hire. Based on my return on investment with the Sourcebook, I will continue to advertise in it. One phone call from a company you may have never heard of can change your work flow trajectory for years. I say this as I am working on a large project from a company I initially connected with via the Sourcebook.”
Todd Buck
“The Sourcebook has helped me to establish my brand as a medical illustrator. I appreciate how my ads build on each other from year to year, and my images are seen by the right art buyers.”
Maya Shoemaker, Shoemaker Medical
“For nearly a decade I have relied on the Medical Illustration Sourcebook as my primary means of marketing. To thrive in this field without a presence in the Sourcebook is unthinkable — I owe every client I have to this program.”
James Archer, Anatomy Blue
“I have been an advertiser for a very long time and my investment always pays off. It is a major go-to resource for medical art buyers, and I am often surprised by the calls that I get, which range from large ad agencies to national organizations seeking art for their publications. The Sourcebook staff has guided me well over the years and has worked closely with me to help enhance my marketing plan.”
Wendy Beth Jackelow, CMI
“This is the only source I turn to for medical illustration.”
Michelle Bernstein, VP Director of Art Buying, Grey Healthcare
“The Medical Illustration Sourcebook has been my primary tool for advertising for many years. All of my new clients in the last 5 years are a direct result of this Sourcebook and website. I see Serbin Communications as part of my team and count on them each year to help me stay busy!”
Molly Borman-Pullen, Sourcebook advertiser since 1993
“As a young business owner in the science/medical illustration field, the cost of a Sourcebook ad initially seemed too high. After a few years of passing up the opportunity, I decided to go for it — within 3 months of having material on medillsb.com I gained a new client and I earned back the cost of the ad. My business continues to grow (knock on wood), and I attribute this largely to having my work in the Sourcebook, and on respected, easily searched sites like medillsb.com.”
Nicolle Rager Fuller, Sayo-Art
“I’ve been a part of the Medical Illustration Sourcebook since it began in 1984. I’ve loved watching the book, the market and the illustrators flourish and develop. The program has allowed me to find my own identity as an illustrator and to develop a style that I truly find joy in executing.”
Bonnie Hofkin

“The variety of projects that Epic Studios has received by advertising in the book and website over the years has taken us in surprising directions we would never have experienced otherwise. Whether it’s a cover illustration or a major ad campaign, you never know what the next call or email is going to bring or where it can help take your career.”


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